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the Ostomy Bag Experience

Project under development

Odapt is not yet available in the market, but we are working hard to make it available soon. 

Fill in your details below if you would like to be contacted when we run our first trial, or if you would like to know more about the project. 


With our first product, we want to put an end to ostomy bag leaks with a 3D printed, re-usable and customised wafer for two-pieces ostomy bags that adapts to any shape of stoma.

01 / Customizable

Odapt is the first 3D printed silicone wafer designed to avoid leaks. Thanks to 3D printing technology, we adapt the design of the wafer to any shape of stoma and to any pouch existing in the market (and even to any colour!), consequently eliminating the problem of leaks.

02 / Easy to use

Currently, ostomates need to measure their stoma and cut the wafer manually. This process can take around 20 minutes for experienced users and can be very overwhelming, especially for the elderly. With Odapt, we propose a simpler way of using the wafer, which is already cut to the perfect shape of stoma, and ready to use.

03 / Sustainable

People change their wafers  every 2-3 days, some do it even daily. This creates a huge quantity of medical, non-recyclable waste. With Odapt, we eliminate this waste, with a re-usable wafer that can last for months, it can be easily cleaned with soap and water or boiled. 

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Meet the Team

At Odapt, we speak design, engineering and healthcare. We are driven by sustainability, innovation and technology. We work closely with patients and healthcare professionals, involving them as much as possible in the design journey.

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